Hard Crimes and Dirty Tricks

published 6 months ago

Richard Atkinson was once a notorious criminal and long-time convict. As the leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang in Toronto, he was responsible for a series of bank robberies and other crimes, resulting in his spending half his life behind bars. He now tries to steer others away from the path he took. He talks to Nam Kiwanuka about his memoir, "The Life Crimes and Hard Times of Ricky Atkinson: Leader of the Dirty Tricks Gang."

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter TVO.org slash daily. This story of Ricky ACAN since life seems to be taken from the scripts of cable TV the sopranos or the wire a while those shows depicted the perils of getting live south of the border which he was the leader of one of the most notorious gangs in Toronto after spending nearly half of his life in and out of prison he tells his story in his memoir the life crimes and hard times of Ricky Atkinson leader of the dirty tricks gag or please welcome him touristy tonight it's working. What a life story you know the kind that you not new to the TV game are you. We show on award winning producer you are you are we'll talk more about it later but I'm I wanted to skip ahead to the end of your book out when you say that you will be on parole until 8/26/2035 at night ...

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