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Sony celebrates monumental console sales with...a new console, Red Dead Redemption 2 drops a ton of gameplay details, and a new Torchlight game gets announced!

Sony has had a major milestone according to the PlayStation blog over 500 and 25.3000000 PlayStation systems have been sold in their 24 year history yes that iconic number of 500 and 25.3000000 the really the cause for celebration is crossing the half 0 threshold in honor of this grand occasion Sony is releasing a limited edition PS 4 console the aptly named 500000000 limited edition PS 4 pro features a translucent dark blue shell with matching controller camera stand head set it's also got a whopping 2 terabyte hard drive and it's selling for 400 9999 with only 50000 units available worldwide for players who are perfectly content with the regular old PS 4 or PS 4 pro the limited edition dual shock controller will also be available separately the commemorative consul comes out August 24 now hopefully this starts a renaissance of colorful translucent consoles and controllers and looking you Nintendo bring back atomic purple everything. There's no excuse for Mister ...

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