Credit card readers had a vulnerability where you pay the price

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Security researchers at Black Hat found some flaws with mobile payments.

Those mobile payment systems you've likely use at a coffee shop or a taco truck had security issues that could have let hackers charge you more than what you paid for at the black cat cybersecurity conference on Thursday researchers from positive technologies discussed my own abilities they discovered a mobile payment readers offer from companies pay pal squares some up and I settled they disclose these issues to the company's back in April and the company said they've since fix these flaws these readers are really popular especially for small business by 2019 it's estimated that 46 percent of all non cash payments will be done to reduce mobile readers so you can see why companies would rush to fix the security for. One of the flaws allowed rogue merchant to change what you would see on the screen during your transaction the researchers showed us in this cute demo video of young cat flying through the screen but hackers might be more interested in something. Just me by changing the screen display a hacker could charge you a dollar and 23 cents while on the display showing you that you were actually paying one dollar as a researcher showed in another demo. Even though ...

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