Expecting God to Breakthrough For You #4

published 4 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

It’s time to EXPECT God to breakthrough - just for you! If you want to know what His will is concerning your health, marriage, finances, or any other area of your life, it can be found in His Word. Our expectations should always come from the Word of God. If we understand what the Word says then we have every right to EXPECT it to come to pass.

Hello everyone what a joy it is to bring the word of god to you today. Been spending the last 3 weeks. About X.. Thing god to break through for you. We've had fun here in the audience have we. Here with the the TV's a studio audience we've been having a great time and I trust all of you that have been able to watch the broadcast have had and enjoyable time as well you've been praising god for the break through that you are believing for in your life and I would encourage you right now don't ever give up. He's the god of the breakthrough he's the way maker and I don't care what it looks like ...

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