063 - Golden Gate Bridge

published 3 years ago by Dan Snow

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Hi everybody minds done snow on the history guy I bring you. History from around the world and now I'm standing on the very edge the Pacific Ocean. I don't everybody. Thanks for joining how you doing how you doing how you doing. I'm standing here overlooking. One of the great iconic sites all of the world really fading. Writing us a man. Check it out of the bay some Cisco but I'm I'm gonna go get bridge behind me. Over there that's 1 of the greatest prison until 1964 that was the longest suspension bridge anywhere in the world 1300 meters wide come of it US Marin county that. I tell you all about the history this area because then you worry you French that's good hello everybody welcome thanks for sharing thanks Chuck that's altruism says Alcatraz right there. and . Welcome to escape everybody right let's talk about this in history Lawrence is a this is so I'm just going to stand ...

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