Futures Measures - August 9, 2018 - Routine Rundown

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Pete and Katie talk through how to deal with markets when there's seemingly nothing going on! Tune in to find out how Katie powers up her platform each day and what the duo looks for when all of the products are light on volume and movement.

This is a question of features on Katie this is Pete it is I did not hear that intro good for you. Well you know they say that women have pretty sharp by a user of here and I was like what they do for your peace my wife is a knuckle that I just found it you know is going on the floor with your shirt so I wandered around all day with it so nice also making a very strong fashion statement with my here we stand in the big picture routine run down okay you took a and this is great because you took a a quick shot of what was going on earlier this day and this is you ran through a very I mean think about what we have heard everything from equity support exchange interest rate metals agriculture all. In energy and. All of them within their daily expected range right said my hope my whole point with this piece today ...

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