The UC Merced Student Sustainability Proposal Writing Contest: Eva Cisneros - UC Merced Arboretum

published 3 months ago by UCTV

Eva Cisneros is a fourth-year student at UC Merced and seeks to improve campus life by offering the community a space to access nature and by providing a site for academic education and research through a UC Merced arboretum. Modeled on the UC Davis arboretum, Merced’s site would follow the existing canal, cover five acres, and be focused on the unique climate, drought-tolerant plants and sustainable landscaping. Series: "Sustainable California" [Show ID: 33863]

My proposal will address the severe lack of large scale community spaces and gardens abundant vegetation voyage trees. And how the creation of an arboretum will not only offer the community space to access nature will also be a center for ground breaking research wild meaningfully contributing to use your sense legacy of environmental sustainability and the triple 0 commitment. These seats were set arboretum would run along the south section of the Fairfield canal and include a vast collection ...

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