Trades From the Research Team LIVE - August 9, 2018

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

We've added a new guest to the rotation! Jessica joins the Research Department lineup to show Tom and Tony what stock she has her eye on this week! Get her trade idea and a few others!

Does a bank my friend Amy as if he's a poor but we got trees when the research team coming after the first victim beautiful let's do it. Good morning gentlemen pay Michael what's on it should not my strength yeah certain strong enough issue and it's a good day we got a dog in the office like what more could you possibly ask for we are dog friendly office I wouldn't I don't want a permanent off. In the office I don't like a permanent dog we have one at home too so that's a lot of dog for a yellow dog might leave my house here in your life in my life I we have a lot of dogs at the bad. Yeah did you gotta say lizards is the right time all these animals there are guys well for dogs I got of dogs. Aug started breaking stuff by me broke Christmas on a we have been saving since Christmas ...

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