Receiving Emotional Healing - Part 1

published 1 week ago by Joyce Meyer

Jesus didn't die just so you can go to Heaven, He also died to heal you. Joyce explains how God can heal every emotional hurt in your life.

This program has been made possible by the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer ministries you may have thought that god only cared about your afterlife. When you receive Christ that took care of. You're going to have a you got a ticket to go to heaven when you die but I'm announcing to you today the good news. Jesus came to heal everything in your life that is broken. And to restore to you everything that the enemy has taken. I'm going to. Attempt to teach you right out of this book beauty for ashes that I wrote 19 years ago but thankfully the word of god never ever ever. Gets old let's look at Isaiah chapter 61 the first 3 verses. These scriptures. Were so helpful to me. In the ...

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