This Week in Google 468: Extra Stolen Privacy

published 1 week ago

Android Pie hits Pixels and Essential Phone. New Pixel 3 images and video leak. Google's China dilemma. Should Leo buy the Magic Leap? Does Facebook want your bank info? Silicon Valley's war on Alex Jones. Is Ajit Pai still evil? Stacey's Things: June Oven and Anki Vector. Jeff's Number: Your baby's first words could be "OK Google." Hosts: Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, and Stacey Higginbotham Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsors:

It's time for doing this week in Google Jeff Jarvis is your Stacey Higginbotham is your. Here. Going to talk about android 9. We'll also talk about the Google pixel 3 excel in the league images what is Google gonna do about China and the banning of in full. This is all coming up next. Cass you love. From people you trust. This is to it this week in Google episode 400 68 recorded Wednesday 8/8/2018. Extra stolen privacy. This week in Google is brought to you by wordpress reach more customers when you build your business website on planes started just $4 a month a hand you can get 50 ...

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