Global National: Aug 8

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The Wednesday, August 8, 2018 edition of Global National, hosted by Farah Nasser

On this Wednesday night a summer of extremes. Relentless rain crippling droughts and ferocious fires human fingerprints are all over this particular heat wave critical warnings about our planet's future death that Calgary's airport one man's attempt to deportation becomes a police investigation. Making a run for it out west I'm running because Trudeau betrayed people NDP leader just meet sayings battle to win over DC voters. And pushing boundaries. The campaign to reshape a religion into a tape crusaders logo. Donna Friesen. Reporting tonight. Mara Nasser. Good evening and thank you for joining us I'm far right now Sir we begin with the tail of weather extremes across Canada there almost 100 he warnings across large parts of our country the ...

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