Portraits of Homelessness in Black and White

published 10 months ago

At 17, Leah Denbok published her first book of photographs of homeless men and women. Her work has been praised by everyone from National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore to James Pasternak, a Toronto city councillor. Denbok talks with Nam Kiwanuka about her second volume, "Nowhere to Call Home: Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness," and what drives her to do this work.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter TVO.org slash daily. I just 17 years old Collingwood Ontario as we had done Bach published her first book of photographs in it she captured the lives of men and women who often seem invisible to many people it was the first of 2 volumes called know where to call home photographs and stories of people experiencing homelessness proceeds from that volume went to the salvation army's buried bayside mission center with volume 2 just now becoming available we're pleased to welcome to our studio writer photographer Leah down Bach and major Doug Lewis executive director Barry bayside mission center how do you both fine is nice to have you here thank you out Leah in volume one of know where to call home you point out that you only published the book as a result of the support of jewels that torie who's a photographer with National Geographic how did he come to know about your work ...

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