Linux Outlaws Interview | TWiT Bits

published 1 week ago

Randal Schwartz talks to the hosts of Linux Outlaws (Dan Lynch and Fabian Scherschel) about their weekly podcast, which ran 370 episodes from 2007 to 2014. Full episode at You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at

Let's talk about word excel as to how long did it last how to get started either because he got a one on. It was 5 years you Stano jump in if you want well we we started in 2007 and it lasted for 3 and 70 episodes we pretty much did 1 week. I'm pretty much 7 years of of shows wasn't. Yeah and on it was weekly as well a move which is quite difficult and it people gonna hate it when I say this because I think I'm being an AI maybe nothing of being a bit conceited or some hymn book for 2 people just the same 2 people today basically almost every week for 7 years is quite a lot of effort to manage the data because it was all the production stuff so I mean we didn't have you know the hosts that we could say I'm not here this week you do it and so do all that we did do some stuff on our own I did interviews and 5 did interviews occasionally we go to different conferences when we went out together and and we do interviews ...

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