Divine Medium - August 7, 2018

published 1 week ago by A1R Psychic Radio

Show: The Divine Medium Host: Christina Watts Date: August 7, 2018 Time: Tuesdays at 8:00pm Website: TheDivineMedium.com Copyright 2018 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.

Hi and welcome to the divine medium presents talk live this is my show I am the divine media today we are going to be bringing on live questions right from Facebook on the divine medium page or you can go to Christina came watch see a wide and ask your questions there I will be answering your questions so go with the questions now and let's see what our first question is for the night. We don't some people here. Everybody's just very excited. So while we're waiting on the questions that people are just saying congratulations things like that I'm I'm gonna tell you a little bit about me I'm. I wasn't always the media I was actually an internal investigator in Orlando Florida I I'm also I'm also known as the medium that passed ...

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