Apple Chip Supplier TSMC Hit with WannaCry | TWiT Bits

published 2 weeks ago

WannaCry (Windows SMBv2) strikes yet again, and is expected to shave 1/4 billion dollars from a major Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer as a consequence of multiple manufacturing facilities across three cities being temporarily shutdown. Full episode at You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at

So I want to cry home in refuses to die this is the last year version to cast yeah so as will remember wanna cry was the. Are there. The weaponization of a flaw in version 2 of windows SMB the server message block also known as windows file and printer sharing. That was believed well it we know that it was leaked by the shadow brokers we believe it was an internal NSA exploit originally named eternal blue so it was dead so we tornal blue was taken and weaponized as raw as want to cry which was a a very ...

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