Advances in Biogerontology: Promise and Pitfalls

published 6 months ago

Geriatrician Dr. John Newman looks at therapies that target mechanisms of aging to prevent, delay, or treat a wide range of age-related diseases and conditions. Series: "Mini Medical School for the Public" [Show ID: 33743]

I think you guys are gonna having a whole lot of fun the next few weeks Dr Childress has put together this incredible program and and the the doctors were during the talks are just their outstanding doctors an incredible teachers I think you're gonna enjoy this a lot whole thing is off to a good start with something a little bit different probably none of you thought your could be coming to a bench science lecture. But here we are I'm gonna try to to tell you about some of the the state of the art of what's happening in the world of aging biology and how this is beginning to become clinically relevant and we're trying to turn basic science into therapies that we can use to improve the health and preserve the independence of older adults. That's a little more about who I am first this is also going to kind of tell you we're gonna be talking about ...

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