Trade Managers - August 7, 2018 - Gamma - What Am I Trading?

published 1 week ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Mike & Nick discuss gamma from the perspective of traction, and explain why long options benefit from it and short options see it as a liability. They discuss an earnings play in DIS as well - tune in for a great discussion!

What's up everyone welcome back to the show this is train managers one is white this is Nick tussles halted and are subject to a was marked losses because yeah. This is the one for the record books yeah does so when something like this happens that obviously that the market is closed for for stock and for options you can't trade anything at the moment that I believe it's some sort of SEC filing based on what you line was tweeting earlier but I or someone impersonating yeah I'll work someone packed him or some you know who knows but when something like this happens you'll see bid ask spreads really widen out and you'll see this happen like on the clothes and stocks like Amazon or CMG or tussle sometimes cool stuff like that where you'll get marked on a really wide bid ask spread that's just you know ...

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