AD #1806 – Why Takata Airbags Blow Up, Ride Sharing Won’t Hurt Car Sales, PSA Looking for a Merger?

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Britain to Exit European Union? - Root Cause of Takata Airbags Found - SEAT App Controls Household Items - 2017 Acura MDX Gets a Fresh Face - PSA Turns the Corner - Study Says Car Sharing Won’t Hurt Car Sales

On today's show investigators finally find the root cause of to count as exploding airbags a new study says ride sharing won't cut down car sales in PSA is recovering faster than expected on that more coming right up on online dating. This is not a line daily for February 24 of 2016. Well no doubt you've heard all the news that Britain will vote this summer on whether or not to drop out of the European Union while Ford and Nissan have made it perfectly clear they want Britain to stay in both automakers have plants in Britain and worry that those vehicles could face higher export costs to the continent if there is a broad exit. The CFO of Daimler also came out in favor of Britain remaining part of the E. U. even though it does not build cars in the country. But we have not heard other automakers building cars in England take us to ...

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