Censorship’s Slippery Slope #1303 - Geek News Central (Video)

published 1 week ago

Over the past week, censorship has raised its head again and while I will not debate the decisions the companies made. I think it is a good time to re-enforce that freedom of speech in America is still protected. While I may hate what you say, and speak out about it. I also respect that … Continue reading Censorship’s Slippery Slope #1303 → The post Censorship’s Slippery Slope #1303 appeared first on Geek News Central.

This is getting the center my name and my name is Todd Cochran and the stories in the lead stories are screwed that up completely. A center ships slipper Lee slippery slope. Who way and C. T. E. R. on the DNC warning Lois. Movie pass once again makes a change to the plan. In some centers want answers from Google on China I want to welcome you to episode 1003 hadn't 3 of the centre podcast for Monday August 6. The show sponsored by GoDaddy.com in listers just like you great deal some go Daddy can be found the key new central.com forward slash go Daddy of course you can support the show today becoming an insider it keep me central.com forward slash insider. Or simply pay pal.me forward slash ...

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