Impulsive Behavior - Part 1

published 2 weeks ago by Joyce Meyer

When someone hurts you, it's easy to react impulsively. Joyce explains how, with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can remain peaceful.

This program has been made possible by the friends and partners of Joyce Meyer ministries somebody heard you the first thing going to happen. Because we have what we talk about this morning afraid of what self control. We don't have to explode if we don't have to implode. A good deal properly with things. I'm not like that made our lives. When we come into a relationship with Christ we enter into a divine exchange he takes all the junk in the bad stuff that we've gotten gives us all his good stuff. I shared example last night that we can understand really quickly when I marry Dave I didn't have a car and he had a car but as soon as I said I do some I had a car. That's all that works the same way with god he's righteous war on righteous but ...

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