AD #1804 – Oil Prices Could Double in 2016, Toyota Dominates Daytona 500, VW May Be Forced to Clean Environment

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Oil Prices Could Double in 2016 - Denny Hamlin and Toyota Win Daytona 500 - Honda Puts Stop Sale on 2016 Civic - Ford Expands Infotainment and Mobility Services in EU - Volvo Teams with Spotify - VW May Be Forced to Fix Environmental Damage

On today's show oil prices could double by the end of the year Toyota dominates the Daytona 500 in VW could be forced to building Evey charging system for the United States on that more coming right up on online do. This is not a line daily for February 22 of 2016. Morris the world over are enjoying lower oil prices almost no one expected oil to fall below $30 a barrel well enjoy it while it lasts a report from the investment firm Raymond James predicts oil will hit $69 a barrel by the fourth quarter of this year and will rise. $79 a barrel in Q. 4 of next year. Raymond James says that current prices are too low for any non OPEC producers to earn decent returns and the prices will have to rise for them to keep producing ...

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