MLB Network's Intentional Talk: 8/6/18

published 6 months ago by MLB Network

In the aftermath of a Boston sweep, are the Bronx Bombers in danger of falling out of the playoff picture? Plus, one Canadian football coach has a microphone malfunction the latest edition of Got Heeeem!

Hey everybody thanks so much for joining us on the IT podcast we greatly appreciate it but want to hop on over the TV side we can actually join us on the show right 15. That's right you know why because you could tweeters interact with us and how bout that will read live tweets if they're good press I see you've got always scroll down there look at Twitter sold we stand joints on live TV yeah I was just checking out the twitterverse so remember to join us every Monday through Friday MLB network 5:00 eastern we'll see that. It's not intentional. The red Sox. The danger of in. We will not go to good will come out on the other side a lot tougher for this. But it. Intentional top start ...

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