!BANNED! ALEX JONES & INFO WARS 2018 (Censorship?)

published 1 week ago by Tijo- The Arcane Bear

Here is a real twister, #Alexjones and his Brand Infowars was almost systematically removed over the last 24 hours from all the big stations. Jones was known for his far-right conspiracy theory content. #Infowars was basically removed due to the terms of service. Bullying harassment ect, now we may want to scream out for free speech, these large tech companies have every right to operate like this. So, really, it's not that surprising, although we had hoped media would always remain open. This is dangerous ground for a precedent so we will keep our eyes open. We will start to dive into the more controversial content as it arrives. The #blockchain space can help with this, so it's about finding avenues to keep up to date. We can see the reason why companies like Facebook and youtube are gonna have issues, consumer baisis may send entire clicks and niches to find new areas to support the media they are interested in consuming. I really should do a secondary video of this video to put more of my thoughts on the table with this topic, its a thick idea.

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