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Henry Cavill wants to play Geralt for Netflix, Breath of the Wild has a place in the Zelda timeline, and Jon Favreau is going to have quite an expensive Star Wars show.

Henry Cavill is eyeing the role of Gerald in Netflix's upcoming adaptation of the witcher at a recent press junket for mission impossible fallout Cavell told IGN he just finished re playing the witcher 3 the wild hunt when asked if he'd be interested in playing girl he said it would be an amazing role Cavell is also a big fan of the book series which inspired the games and the subsequent Affleck show witcher series was announced in may of last year with show runner Warren as his record the west wing daredevil and defenders on board writers from Jessica Jones in Amazon's the tech are also involved no casting decisions have been made yet but the show is expected to release sometime in 2020 in the meantime if you haven't played the witcher 3 you should probably get on that because it is spectacular if you have played it played again and also be sure to check out that blood why expansion because you fight the 3 little pigs and it's awesome speaking of massive sprawling fantasy adventures we finally know where brother the wild fits into the legend of Zelda timeline if you ...

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