How to Save Main Street

published 6 months ago

As cities and towns across Ontario change and grow, The Agenda in the Summer looks at how governments can save the community feel of their main street hubs. From retail changes to new industries taking the forefront in the Ontario economy, how can cities ensure livability? Brantford Mayor Chris Friel talks to Nam Kiwanuka about his experiences.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter at slash daily. In just over 2 months Ontarians go to the polls again and in small and mid sized cities one of the big issues is bound to be how to keep mainstreet successful even as the retail and industrial underpinnings of regional economies change. Here Sir his his experience Chris Frio mayor of Brantford Ontario welcome. Hello you worship which I call you mayor for you you went on to college just call me first was coming near Chris that would be good too okay great it's nice to have you here for somebody who's watching the show who doesn't really understand what a main street is how would you describe main street Ontario. You know if you ask me that question 25 years ago I probably could have told you something different but that these last 25 years has been an evolution but main street is really still ...

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