Best Thing at Practice | Indiana Hoosiers | Big Ten Football

published 2 weeks ago by Big Ten Network

Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo and Howard Griffith give their observations on the best thing they saw at Indiana practice. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube for the latest highlights and videos: Looking for videos

Danger in Howard back in Bloomington guys we're gonna do this at every stop along the way the best thing we saw at practice today Jerry wanted to lead us off in your best thing okay you guys know how many rules are about practice there were 2 a days how many days you can hit an all out the players are here year round they're always in good shape you don't have to play your team in the shape of camp but yet you still need a good hard physical practice I thought they got a bunch done today and that was a good hard physical practice which you can avoid doing that before season goddess of the. You might want to take this on a few I'm gonna go off the field I'm gonna go to the training room. This is really impressive very and I think the kids are really going to enjoy have an opportunity to eat there looking over the football field and it's a lot different than what we are had what they had been using before that's in a dark Benji place this place is going to be break form I'm going back on the field okay I'm going with Stevie Scott running back were at the very end of ...

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