Marcelino Ball and Jonathan Crawford Talk IU Defense | Indiana Hoosiers | Big Ten Football

published 1 week ago by Big Ten Network

Marcelino Ball and Jonathan Crawford talk about stepping up on defense to replace the players who have left Indiana. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube for the latest highlights and videos: Looking for videos for

A lot of big names are gone from Indiana last year on the defensive side of things Tigre scales were shot fans Chris having to. Great Gooch self flooding down somebody's got to step up and replace them right glimpse at some of the guys who would be those new studs on defense they talk or got. Although we lost 7 players and they went on to do great things in their lives with games so many players as far as a freshman and even the upper classmen of stepping up on our defensive aside in a you know we have more players more knowledge or understanding what will we need to be done and we'll be fine if I feel like. Ability for both of us want to step up be more leaders lead young guys by setting a young guys to be a lot of talent and even even guys at him star last year we had the back of snow. Chris Cummins in in degrees gives so I will be good ...

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