Mark Hagen Talks Indiana Defense | Indiana Hoosiers | Big Ten Football

published 1 week ago by Big Ten Network

Indiana co-defensive coordinator Mark Hagen talks about having to replace so many departed starters from the 2017 season and what's ahead for 2018. SUBSCRIBE to Big Ten Network on YouTube for the latest highlights and videos:

Happy to be joined by the co defensive coordinator here at Indiana Arcadian coach you guys have really improved by leaps and bounds on defense over last couple years a very solid group last season you did lose a lot of production off of that the who are the leaders you've seen emerging this year like the the 3 guys go look to first and foremost for Jacob Robinson up front we love football force Marcelino ball you know he wasn't quite as old as 12 of the last year but but he's he's a guy and then Jonathan a Crawford and second years we've got a guy at each level certainly lost a lot of work site about our youth and we've got to get those young guys up speed fairly quickly how does it impact your installed being so young as it's slower than usual you know what I look back at the last couple years and I thought maybe so but it hasn't so far you know I think we're gonna have to slow down these next couple days because we put a ton in you know these first 3 but I don't expect us to slow down a whole lot like I said we've got some of ...

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