How to Have Peace of Mind, Part 2 - C

published 2 weeks ago by James MacDonald

It’s the number-one enemy of peace, and you come by it quite naturally—anxiety. What exactly is this fretful, sleep-stealing, peace-destroying tendency? And what can you do about it? God provides the plan for replacing it and the power to choose differently. Listen and be filled with hope as you learn to exchange your “dividing cares” for the peace that passes all understanding. Follow James MacDonald: Facebook: 

When we think about others is better than ourselves Russell to think of them as half a brick wall or. We're to think of people as significantly better and more important than ourselves. That helps us out a lot. I was I reading this week of the book by on about Steve Jobs the founder of apple him and if I read that is to split some believable and and you gotta get this this he was like a Zen Buddhist or something I know what he was but but but to us who isn't a Christian book but I mean the guy was so talented so devoted on how many people own an apple product. What not said right ...

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