How Not to Install Discourse | LAS 404

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

This week we talk about how you can have a working web forum in 10 minutes or less & all open source! Last week we talked about team collaboration software, but what about when you need a wider approach? In the news we talk about an open source router; Russia dumping Windows, more updates to video editing on Linux, a super special live unboxing & more!

Exaction shows great about your broadcast it's sponsored by taking the last save off your first device or planned and digital ocean go to and use our promo code last digital and then you can speed up your own limits Rick for jobs sold 404 you actually found us my name is Chris by name is no okay there no I guess what big show I JYJ you'd show today you know ge show today we got a lot in store so first of all the main topic coming up on this week's episode of the limits action show we're gonna talk about an open source software package you can get up and running in probably about 10 minutes on your limits right I've never done it before but are but we know there has he's gonna show me and us you how to set this up and have a tent pole for you. To build and. That very community that should be interesting but if that's not enough for you in the new segment we're gonna talk about Russia banning windows on government PC. On the government's. He sees a dirty windows I that's my ...

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