Expecting God to Breakthrough For You #2

published 4 years ago by Jerry Savelle Ministries

It’s time to EXPECT God to breakthrough - just for you! If you want to know what His will is concerning your health, marriage, finances, or any other area of your life, it can be found in His Word. Our expectations should always come from the Word of God. If we understand what the Word says then we have every right to EXPECT it to come to pass.

Thank you TV audience and thank you at home for watching our broadcast. Today. Really appreciate you doing in. All of our friends and partners. We want you know how much we appreciate. Your faithful. A port to the. You are helping us. She lives all over the world. With the uncompromising word of god. You know IRA mandate from the lord is to teach people how to walk in the blessing of god how to live in the favor of god and how to become the winner that god is calling debate you're helping us do that all over the world this television broadcast is in over 200 nations ...

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