Joshua Abraham, Praetorian - Paul's Security Weekly #570

published 6 months ago by Security Weekly

Josh is a key member of the technical execution team. In this capacity, he is responsible for leading, directing, and executing client-facing engagements that include Praetorian’s tactical and strategic service offerings. Full Show Notes: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:

This week we welcome back Josh Abraham Josh is a staff engineer at Pretoria meet you make staff to engineer staffs. Anyway we'll find out later he's also knows Jabra and is no stranger to the show nor the security community nor reading tools of the causeway for free which is awesome so in our technical segment the illustrious what it says my teleprompter Larry brown and he reads it says illustrious Larry Pesci while give an introduction to F. L. 2 K. it shows how to set up in use Sir tip it is transmitted to start your journey who put certificates in the teleprompter I can't believe I said that right not once but twice in this and you didn't it's surreptitious. I think you. Correct me in the securities for this we have Microsoft edge flaws read somewhere attacks yeah he'll vintage Yale University breaches rented ...

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