First Impressions of the Microsoft Surface Go | TWiT Bits

published 2 weeks ago

Leo Laporte has a first look at the new Microsoft Surface Go tablet. Watch the full episode: Host: Leo Laporte You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at

Just got a new the cutest little computer ever. It's the new Microsoft surface go which they announced a few weeks ago finally came out. And you know if you look at it next to an iPad it's the same size as a 10 inch screen. As the very famous surface I'll cantata keyboard that said optional 20 Bucks extra but it's worth it because it feels like velvet and you probably do want a computer with a I mean a keyboard with a windows PC right it's got the kickstand that the the surface tablets are famous for and it's the new kickstand the can go almost any angle which I kinda like. For drawing it's nice to have it a shallow 15 degrees but it for maybe for movie viewing you have a little bit more upright that kind of thing. The magnesium deposition case that Microsoft made a big deal about. Low ...

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