Ask Alisha: Your English Questions Answered #34 - Expressions with OVER: “over there”, “game over”… - Basic English Grammar

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This is called ask Alicia that's me I'm Alicia you've asked me things I will now attempt to answer them. Hi everybody welcome back to ask Alicia the weekly series where you ask me questions and I answer them maybe first question first question this week comes from van van van says could you please tell me the meaning of so much thanks yeah sure solution is a verb SMERSH is very casual for its meaning is to gently crush something so maybe you know the bird smash to smash something like cold smash for example that means like to violently crush something to swish something however means like to gently crash something we use the verb smallish a lot with things that are kind of soft or it's like it's easy to change their shape so for example food items like dough ...

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