Occupational Therapy Breaking News: Newscast 2

published 2 weeks ago by Dr. Frederick B. Covington

Do you know what's going on in the world of occupational therapy?  Well here is the OT Breaking News update. The 'Occupational Therapy Review' FB group keeps up with the latest of OT relevant news.  

For more than 2 weeks this month doctor Joel Dixon professor ability at Alabama state took for a T. students from the university to Uganda in West Africa there they administered hands on occupational therapy treatment to 60 plus children housed in the home of hope wharfage the facility there doesn't offer much cutting edge equipment that are common in American noti clinics ASU has helped the facility by sending students there for the past 4 years under Dixon's leadership. Winston Salem state university's occupational therapy program is testing out 3 D. printing as a cost efficient flexible way to provide adaptive tools and devices for patients through grant funding the occupational therapy department has been able to secure a 3 D. printer and has already begun creating tools that because ...

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