TWiET 302: Unikernels and the Death of the Security Patch

published 2 weeks ago

While many organizations are talking about unikernels, NanoVMs is the first to launch a platform that simplifies the process. NanoVMs can be used with legacy applications or in the development of new. Hosts: Louis Maresca, Curt Franklin, and Brian McHenry Download or subscribe to this show at . Sponsor: offer code ENTERPRISE

On this we can arise tack we talk about how the FTC wants more power to go after those companies are leaking your data imprime Henry Curtis and I talk with the Ann Arbor CEO of 9 IBM's about you know colonels and security quiet on the set. Cass you love. From people you trust. Bandwidth for this weekend enterprise tech is provided by cash fly and see AC AG F. L. This is why this weekend a price tag episode 302 recorded 8/3/2018 unit colonels and the death of the security patch. This episode of this week advice tack is brought to you by with Saudi cloud storage was hobbies disrupted cloud storage technology is helping enterprise solve one of the fastest growing issues data storage ...

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