Space to Ground: From American Soil: 08/03/2018

published 2 weeks ago

NASA assigned nine astronauts to the first flights of the Boeing and SpaceX commercial crew vehicles. Dragon also departed the space station with over 3,800 pounds of cargo for return to Earth.

Station and. Walking the space to ground embassy to arrange this week dragon was packed full of science and release from the station. After delivering more than 5900 pounds of science and supplies the cargo craft a part of the international space station on Friday August 3 and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean the SpaceX recovery team retreat dragon and more than 3800 pounds of cargo the cargo included science samples from human and animal research biology and biotechnology studies physical science investigations and education activities find out more about the returning cargo on the web at slash SpaceX and major news this week NASA just announced the first astronauts will fly on American made spacecraft to and from the international space station we are on the brink of launching American astronauts on American rockets from American soil. NASA sign 9 ...

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