Dragon Ball FighterZ Switch Beta Incoming - IGN Daily Fix

published 3 months ago by IGN.com

Disney tries to buy back Star Wars, EA steps into another hot topic debate, and Nintendo Switch is getting a Dragon Ball FighterZ beta.

This appears to be learning all stars related revenue streams to the dark side I mean buying them 80 antes Turner broadcasting which kind of sounds like at at Turner broadcasting or 8080 Turner broadcasting depending on how you say it currently owns the rights to show Star Wars films on its cable networks including TNT and TBS your dad's favorite channels but doesn't want to buy back the rights for its own streaming service set to launch in 2019 this he struck a deal with Turner in 2016 for 270 5000000 and it's supposed to last for 2024 Turner wants replacement programming and compensation for the Star Wars rights but talks of currently stalled like this are lacks the justice system these things can take awhile this has already announced a deal with Netflix will not be renewed once it and later this year this deal is getting worse all the time. Star Wars quote I get to watch those movies they're very good I love those boys those films good movies the debate about censorship politics and football is ...

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