The Magnitude of Magnetism

published 7 months ago

The mystery of magnets bewildered humans in ancient times. They eventually understood that magnetism was essential to understanding which way was north or south, and that opened the world to explorers. But the magnetic forces that keep a steady hand on Earth aren't as stable as people might think. That conundrum inspired science journalist Alanna Mitchell to write, "The Spinning Magnet: The Force that Created the Modern World and Could Destroy It." She talks to Nam Kiwanuka about her research.

For more in depth perspectives and interesting stories sign up for our daily newsletter slash daily. There are unseen forces all around us making possible things that would seem like magic to human centuries ago. It's nothing mystical electro magnetism and for the simple compass to the GPS systems that make satellites possible it keeps a steady hand on our planet and yet assigned stern was along the Mitchell demonstrated her new book these forces aren't as stable as we think and that could really spell trouble she lays it out in the spinning magnet the force that created the modern world and could destroy it we're pleased to brings a lot of Mitchell to our studio tonight welcome thank you sounds dire I know it sounds like science fiction it really does sound like fiction science fiction where did you get the idea for this book would you know what I wrote ...

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