8 Years in Prison for Complaining About Your Vacation | TWiT Bits

published 2 weeks ago

Denise Howell, Stefan Szpajda and Brian Chase talk about a story published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation about a tourist who complained about bad experiences during her vacation in Egypt and received an 8-year prison sentence for "defaming and insulting the Egyptian people". For the full episode, visit twit.tv/twil/428 Host: Denise Howell Guests: Stefan Szpajda and Brian Chase You can find more about TWiT and subscribe to our full shows at

This one could very well have been our tip of the week this week but is so you know you can treat it as such if you'd like but I'm a I guess in tip form it would go something like. I if you are traveling to Egypt as do not complain about your experiences there on social media in any way shape or form because I had and this is not the first instance of the current regime in Egypt having very crackdown mentality about the internet and its uses a woman named at from Lebanon named Mona el mas blue if I'm pronouncing the name correctly I just 24 years old she was. Doing vacation tourism in Egypt and didn't have a very good time and she posted a video where she complained a lot about the country I ...

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