AutoComplete: 19 states plus DC sue the EPA over emissions rollbacks

published 2 weeks ago

Plus, Buick wants a mulligan on tariffs for the Envision, and Mahindra dukes it out with FCA over IP.

Here's what's making news on road show the trump administration is making moves to weaken fuel economy emissions regulations but California Washington DC in 18 other states are making like Dee Snider and refusing to take it the move also 6 revoke the California waiver which allows the gold state to set its own emissions guidelines if they're more stricter than the federal ones California governor Jerry Brown has vowed to and I'm quoting here fight the stupidity in every conceivable way. General Motors builds a few conversion in China for 2 main reasons first it sells a whole hell of a lot of them there around 210000 of them last year in fact in second it's cheaper to build their and ship here where it's much slower seller what has the general worried is the current presidential administrations tariffs on Chinese made goods as would kill profitability on the invasion quick fast and in a hurry will get a pass shouldn't you tell us Indian manufacture Mahindra is trying to bring its tiny bundle of retro styled turbo diesel joy vacate the rocks or to the U. S. but big ...

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