Game Scoop! 492: The Best Retro Games on PS4

published 3 months ago by

This week we're discussing great retro games on PS4, Fortnite, Wolfenstein, and more.

What's up everybody welcome diversion game to underestimate Hatfield during this week is Justin Davis group bridal Tana well and making his first games appearances CJ Gibson what's up guard all wrong wrong show show but that's okay what's new in destiny if anyone out there has to men fireteam chat you may recognize CJ from other shows such as fire. Yeah thinks it might have been into an idea of what 7 years now forever in indirectly first youth yes right house and 6 but yes visually last 2015 all times that anybody. Well famously Canadian aimlessly Canadian about errors in 2 more hours and I'll send morally I and I can't get away from the proof sets and I've also clearly Canadian I've also realize what it just now realize what I've done here we've got the we've got the single the double and the 2 ...

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