E843: CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins founded Promise to provide equitable alternatives to incarceration, reduce recidivism & save counties massive costs; shares journey from Prince manager to startup founder, landing JAY-Z as investor & taking on our badly bro

published 2 months ago by ThisWeekInStartups.com

Everybody is Jason Calacanis we got a great episode for you today but before we get to that amazing episode who want to talk to a little bit about our upcoming events scale limited talk for the next 3 minutes if you want to fast forward right now 2 minutes and 50 seconds you can skip this little promo for the large scale conference that conference is happening October 10 and eleventh here in San Francisco. We have 1000 tickets available for free to our founder friends you can go to large scale.net slash tickets to get one of those free tickets to apply for it if you're a venture capitalists are from a big company please buy a ticket but we do like to give away those 0 tickets the founders as you know we don't make money from our Vance we make money from angel investing in companies and speaking of investing in companies we have 5 start ups slots available at lunch gal and these will be for companies that want to raise money with ...

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