Trade Managers - August 3, 2018 - JUL - AUG Earnings Review Part 2

published 2 weeks ago by tastytrade, Inc.

Mike & Nick walk through another week of earnings trades, which were all winners! They also discuss Mike's SQ inverted strangle, and his SPY poor man's covered put which are both working nicely. Tune in for a great discussion!

They're looking back to the show happy Friday this is trade managers money is what this is Nick days earnings review day. As is every Friday during the earning season yeah yeah we have middle dent in in our Facebook lost the ashes get yeah I'll be cool for you know get back to flatter small up by the end of earning season after that yeah I think we can do it I think too I don't see a reason why we would be able to yeah we've got all the tools yeah we're long were pretty much along the stock so we just we need we need not move in there yeah Tessa rallied hard yesterday it's crazy yeah went from like 300 to 350 that's what kind of where it is now yeah it's really funny though like when you look at these premiums just looking at like at its you know casual to 5450 strangle is a ...

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