Flashback Friday: This Week's Highlights from the No Spin News Podcast (08/03)

published 2 weeks ago by Bill O

A "best of" from this week's No Spin News installments.

What Jim Kelly the mayor of Philadelphia and the Blasi over here in New York and many other mayors all right are doing. Is basically saying to their people who live in their city. We don't care who comes in here. We don't want a border wall. We don't want ice. We don't want enforcement of immigration law we don't want any of that. So Philadelphia that they don't care who comes. Everybody's welcome all immigrants who were immigrants are good. Illegal immigrants don't matter. Come up. Sanctuary city we want you San Francisco LA come New York. Come here. Who are your we don't all. We can't possibly know you are. But we want you to come here. I know whatever you want to add if you commit a crime what I can tell the feds. And if you're in ...

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