AD #1794 – VW to Offer “Generous Compensation,” Datsun Unveils Crossover Concept, VW’s Culture of Fear

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- VW to Offer Diesel Owners “Generous Compensation” - VW Delays Financial Results Report - VW’s Truck Unit Wants IPO - Datsun Unveils Crossover Concept - Ex-VW Chair Created Culture of Fear

On today's show Volkswagen will probably buy back its diesel cars and could be interested in buying Navistar well Bob Lutz describes Ferdinand Piet acts culture of fear all that more coming right up on on a 90. This is not a line daily for February 8 of 2016. Well looks like Volkswagen cannot figure out how to fix its 2 liter diesels in the U. S. market reports out of Germany say the company is going to offer customers quote generous compensation to buy back their cars that tells us this is going to be one whopping big bill. VW will have to compensate about 600000 owners which involves cars from 2009 to 2015. If those cars on average are were somewhere between 15 and $20000 then veto ...

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