Rocket Chat & Mattermost Cut the Slack | LAS 403

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Teams collaborating over Slack is the new hot trend sweeping many open source projects, communities & others. We compare Rocket.Chat, Mattermost & Slack. See which best protects your privacy & makes it easier than ever to work with a group of people. Don’t hate, collaborate with this week’s episode! Plus all the details on the announced Ubuntu Tablet, the Keybase filesystem & more!

Exaction shows great about your broadcast it's sponsored by taking the last save off your first device or planned and digital ocean go to and use our promo code last digital and then you can speed up your own limits Rick for jobs on 403 my name is Chris my name is no pay no a good morning to you guess what dig show also owe you know which I guess what it's a huge show no I the big game is right here is the line X. action show this is the big game on a Sunday this is all you need coming up on this week's episode we're gonna take a look at SLAC verses matter most verses rocket chat will hurt yet these are like the new collaboration tools that huge open source projects are beginning to use outside of I RC or open mailing lists and some of these are locked up in a proprietary system and the improvements being made to them just simply go back to the company when there's already open source alternatives out there to help you collaborate better. And a whole new way even if you're just a couple of people ...

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