published 2 years ago by Brian Call

[NEW EPISODE] I published a new GRITTY podcast today with my friend and Nebraska home boy, Joel Burham, aka @whitetail_fit! Joel is a corn AND VENISON guy who loves hunting, health and fitness. He’s the genius behind one of my FAVORITE T-shirts, the #VENISONGAINS tee. He’s a solid human being with a competitive edge and a positive attitude. On this episode we just hang out—WE TALK PUBLIC LANDS, HUNTING, FITNESS—it’s a good conversation between two dudes who share similar interests but different backgrounds. CHECK. IT. OUT! #staygritty #venisongains #keepitpublic #publiclandsproud #bha #backcountryhuntersandanglers GET A #VENISONGAINS T-SHIRT from Joel at www.whitetailfit.com

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