Tortilla Recipe

published 3 years ago by Sebastian Hette & Amalie Hette

In this video we show you how you can easily make soft and great tasting tortillas. Tortilla recipe:

Nobody in this video we're going to share a great recipe for making some soft 13 yes as I might have seen on our channel we already have a guacamole recipe we have the salsa recipe and now it's time for that course tear recipe. So we're just going to start right away by way of the flowers. And it would take one. Teaspoon of baking soda then one. Teaspoon of some serious soul we just start back on finding this. The dry stuff first. And then we take oil in this case all of oil and we just pour it into the mixer reporter then pay the water and pour that in the old song until we hire have it nice and even though. The goal is scratchy. But it does not speak to my ...

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