AD #2404 – Detroit Three Fall Behind in Crossovers, Ford Ranger Makes Towing Easier, UPS Tests Electric Delivery Truck

published 2 years ago by John McElroy

- Detroit Three Fall Behind in Crossovers - Discontinued Vehicle Retention Trends - Honda Creates Charging App for Fit EV Owners - Ford Ranger Makes Towing Easier - Tesla to Invest $5 Billion In China Factory - VW Considers Producing Its Own Battery Cells - UPS Tests Electric Delivery Truck

On today's show GM Ford in SCA are losing ground in the crossover segment in North America UPS teams up with the California start up to task electric delivery trucks and a look at how well or how poorly some vehicles hold their value after their discontinue all that more coming right up online de. This is not a line daily the show for enthusiasts of the global automotive industry. The Detroit automakers have struggled to sell passenger cars so much so that Ford in SCA have decided to pretty much abandoned that market and focus on pick ups and SUVs and a new study says the Detroit automakers will only produce 16 percent of north America's passenger cars by 2023 and that's down from 53 percent in 2005 but it's not ...

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